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 JETT FABER: Son of Hephaestus

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PostSubject: JETT FABER: Son of Hephaestus   Sat May 18, 2013 5:53 am


    Elizabeth Ann Hughes


    16 years old


    Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge


    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Delia Faber, his mother, a tired and worn out waitress who was rarely around when he was home.

    Jett is tall by most standards, standing at 6 feet and 2 and a half inches. His build is lean and fit, with muscles that are subtle rather than noticeable or eye-catching. He has olive skin and dark, expressive eyes that crinkle at the corners when he smiles. His chestnut hair stays out of his face of its own accord, usually without the help of gel or extra styling. When it comes to clothes, he's very laid back and not particularly stylish. He has yet to obtain any prominent scars.


    The Masquerader

    • Curt: Jett is often rude or disrespectful as a first impulse, not because he is in actuality, impolite or insolent. He does it to protect himself and keep others from thinking that he can be exploited or taken advantage of.

    • Even-tempered: He's usually the one who keeps a cool head in heated situations. He seldom lets himself get angry and doesn't usually express feelings of discontent, discomfort, or frustration. He thinks most things are of little consequence and not worth getting upset over.

    • Independent: Jett is fiercely self-reliant and firm in his refusal of help from anyone else. He associates strength with his independence and thinks that if he can't do something by himself, it's because he's too weak. He believes that trusting in other people will only make him diminish him as a person. He has a tendency to push other people away for this reason.

    • Indifferent: His indifference is a façade. In reality, Jett will help anyone who needs it and he cares a great deal for other people, even if they don't reciprocate his feelings.

    • Overconfident: He inclines to think that he can do things that are out of his league and to ignore his limits. He is cocky and arrogant, which grates on the nerves of many of his opponents as well as several of his friends.

    • Reserved: Jett isn't one to waste words with friends or strangers alike. He rarely chooses to tell anyone when he has problems, and even less often decides to confide details of his past in others. He's always been more of a listener than a ranter, it isn't often that he lets himself complain or babble.

    • Sarcastic: Sarcasm is a natural defence mechanism as well as his chosen method of expressing humour.

    • Solitary: He prefers to isolate himself if it's a decision between that and spending time with someone who he knows he likes more than they like him. He's comfortable with the solitude and has coping mechanisms for loneliness if it ever hits him. He believes that in the end, everyone either lets you down or hurts you, and he doesn't think either is worth it.

    • Solitude

    • Solitude

    • Solitude

    • Crowds

    • Solitude

    1 year

    On the outside, Jett was just like any other kid on the block. If you dug a little deeper, you found a home life that could only be described by the words lacking or absence. His mother and he had no relationship and he's never known anything else. His mother made little effort to support him in anything he did and he was quick to learn how to take care of himself.

    When he learned he was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, he dealt with it by himself. He fended off bullies early on and made the friends that he had to make in order to ensure that they wouldn't come back. When his mother left groceries in the fridge without further instructions, he learned how to make his own meals. When his mother neglected the house, he cleaned it. He learned self-sufficiency from an early age.

    Even with all this, he was caught off guard when his mother drove him to Half Blood Hill and then drove off by herself without a word.



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JETT FABER: Son of Hephaestus
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