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 EZEKIEL KIM: Son of Hephaestus

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PostSubject: EZEKIEL KIM: Son of Hephaestus   Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:40 am


    NAME Ezekiel Kim (Alternately, Kim Sae Ryun)
    AGE 16 years old
    GENDER Male

    HOMETOWN Toronto, Ontario, CA
    TIME AT CAMP 5 years
    CLAIM STATUS Claimed
    OLYMPIAN PARENT Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge
    MORTAL FAMILY Grace Kim, his mother, a neurology professor at University of Toronto. Esther Kim, his twin sister, daughter of Hephaestus

    Zeke is undeniably Korean in all ways regarding his face, although he is often mistaken for someone of other kinds of Asian descent. He has monolid, dark brown eyes that appear black at times. His skin is on the paler side and - much to his dismay - does not tan very easily. His hair is naturally dark, but he occasionally dyes it a lighter colour, although he doesn't usually go any lighter than a medium brown. When it comes to clothing, he dresses unexpectedly fashionably - mostly in clothes popular in Western society but he also has some stylish Korean clothing items brought back his mother's friends from when they visit Seoul. Although he and his sister look similar, they are not identical twins.

    ARCHETYPE The Chameleon
    FATAL FLAW text


    STR: LVL 7
    END: LVL 9
    SPD: LVL 6
    AGI: LVL 3
    ADP: LVL 2

    strength ● endurance ● speed ● agility ● adaptability
    level ● 1-10


    WEAPONS text






    AMBROSIA text
    NECTAR text
    PETS text
    NOTES text


    "No, man, why you gotta be like that?" He laughed into the phone and tilted onto the back legs of his chair dangerously, his feet propped up on his table. "I can't go, sorry. I've got a shit ton of homework tonight - yeah yeah, maybe tomorrow though." His eyes wandered to look around the room and fell on his sister, casually leaning against his door and eating a corn dog. He very nearly fell backwards and swore under his breath before apologizing to the person he was on the phone with. "Sorry. Yeah. See you tomorrow, man." He hung up abruptly, his cheeks flushed a pale pink. The corners of Esther's mouth curved upwards, although it wasn't quite a smile.

    "I swear, every time I overhear you talking to your friends, at least a thousand of my brain cells simultaneously lose their will to live." She said. Zeke frowned and looked away.
    "You're so condescending. You're not better than us, you know." He said, gritting his teeth. Esther continued chewing on her corn dog and looked at him thoughtfully.
    "Condescending, that I am, although I beg to differ with your second statement. I'm definitely better than them, and you are too." She stated matter-of-factly. His eyes bored holes into her.
    "Just drop it, okay? They're my friends. You should just accept that." Esther raised her hands in surrender but offered no apology - she never did - and they stayed there in silence for a while.

    "You know mom doesn't like us using the phone for too long." She said, not exactly unkindly but not in a particularly genial way either. His anger quickly melted into guilt. "How long were you talking to your friend?" He cleared his throat uncomfortably and avoided looking at her eyes.
    "Maybe... 40 minutes?" Zeke could feel the heat of her disapproval even though they were opposite sites of the room. Bad things always seemed to happen when one of them stayed on the phone for too long. He didn't know how or why, but they did. He heard her sigh - it was a sound all too familiar to him. He expected her to turn and walk away, possibly giving him the silent treatment for a few days, and because he expected this, he didn't have time to brace himself for what was to follow.

    "EZEKIEL ANTHONY CHOI," It wasn't even his real name, but he still jumped in his seat. The inhuman, blood-curdling shriek seemed to rip its way out of his sister's throat. He turned in his seat only to see a brief flash of the bright pink and yellow thing that was undoubtedly his sister flying at him. She bowled him over. They both landed uncomfortably on his (fortunately) carpeted floor, and Esther immediately began her relentless attack which composed of a lot of tickling and poking and prodding. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING ARE YOU CRAZY OR STUPID OH I KNOW YOU'RE BOTH YOU'RE GOING TO GET US KILLED IF I DIE IT'LL BE YOUR FAULT DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORLD WOULD BE LIKE WITHOUT ME IT WOULD BE CRAP THAT'S WHAT AND WITH ME IN IT AT LEAST IT'S SPARKLIER AND AND MORE KOREAN CRAP."
    "Es, you're not even that Korean. We're second generation and whitewashed." He managed in between laughs and painful but necessary intakes of air. She let out another feral shriek.

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EZEKIEL KIM: Son of Hephaestus
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