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 felix haywood

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PostSubject: felix haywood   Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:09 am

you can trust me
forever and for always, I will be here, right here
please don't worry, please don't cry
just know that I'm here for you

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llN OllllR O O MllllT OllllS W I N GllllT H EllllC A Tll

f e l i x ... h a y w o o d

age & birthday
Seventeen years old, born on April 7th


camp-related information
Felix has spent four years at camp and he is a year-rounder. He's terrible home-sick most of the time, however, so he receives permission before returning home to visit his family.

god parent
Demeter, Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture.

claim history
Felix was a lucky one, he was claimed on his first evening at camp.

mortal family
First things first, Felix has a fantastic relationship with all of his family members, and his family gets along very well for the most part. It's a pretty big family though, even when you don't count all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

George Haywood, Felix's father, is an outdoors-man who played college football and is usually out of the house rather than in it. George and Felix always had the greatest relationship ever, and they were always out doing things together, whether it was fishing, farming, chopping wood, hunting, wrestling, or other things. George and Felix have similar builds and look very similar, both having the same laughing eyes and the same tall, well built frame.

Luanne Haywood, Felix's step-mother, a small but spirited woman who usually had to forcibly rope Felix and George into helping out at the farm rather than goofing off by the lake or woods near their home. Felix is very fond of his step-mother, and he loves both her and Demeter equally. Both George and Felix enjoyed teasing Luanne about her height (a mere 5'2" that made George and Felix tower above her). Even though they do often poke fun at her, both love her more than anything - their family values family more than anything - and they go to the ends of the earth to protect her.

Felix is the eldest of six children. The second eldest would be his half-brother Blake who is 16 and completely in love with one of the girls in the nearby town. Felix and Blake are best friends and he's one of Felix's two favourite siblings (Felix knows it's bad to have favourites, but he can't help it). When he's not spending time with his dad, Felix is usually with Blake, the two of them usually just lounging by the lake and talking while Felix is fishing and Blake is whittling. Then there's the twins, Ivy and Jax who are 14 years old. They're as different as can be, but they get along pretty well - though they do argue and fight the most within in the family. Felix doesn't spend very much time with them but he doesn't like them any less than his other family members.

Felix's other favourite sibling is Catherine, already a proper little lady at only 12 years old. Felix is usually helping her out with things that she needs help with and they have a lovely relationship. Liana is very kind and polite and Felix admires that in girls as well as their being "ladylike." Last but not least, is little Liana, Felix's brand new baby sister, only two years old.

Felix grew up in the countryside and on a farm. He learned his place, did his chores, kept in shape and enjoyed his work. He spent a large amount of time outside doing things with his father. Felix also played American football and turned out to be pretty good at it, and it quickly became his favourite sport. Oddly enough, he also turned out to be a fantastic cook so his step-mother and him each cooked half of the meals. He only had several meetings involving monsters and those weren't all too bad so they didn't raise any suspicions.

When he turned 13 years old, Felix's father told him everything about himself and made him go to Camp Half-Blood, all the way in New York. This was one of the rare times that Felix was angered by his father. He loved his home in the country, he loved the farm, the lake, the woods, he loved doing all those things outdoors. It was as if his father was forcing him out. Felix wasn't one to stay in a place where he wasn't either wanted or needed, however, and he did as his father told him to. He remained angry for a few days but then he simmered down and decided that it wasn't his father's fault.

A relatively normal past.

Being 6'3", rather muscly, and having a very visible, rather intricate tattoo on his entire upper arm, Felix has a bit of a tough guy look about him. He has spiky blue-black hair that never seems to listen to him and he inherited his father's adorable, smiling chocolate brown eyes with lighter brown specks. He tries his hardest to remain either neutral or amused looking for other people's sake, because well... C'mon, who wouldn't have nightmares for the rest of their lives if they ever saw a guy who looks like he's pure muscle towering above them and looking like he wants to either slaughter them or kill them in a very messy, painful way. He also looks surprisingly good in an apron.

A bit rough and tough, Felix may seem a little intimidating and frightening at first but he's actually a nice guy at heart. Felix enjoys laughing and making people laugh. Most people think that he's incredibly durable and incredibly dense so he often puts on a clueless act to find out the truth about people and their personalities.

Honest and innocent, Felix is quite oblivious to most things related to romance and he is hopeless at flirting and anything like that. Hard-working and modest, Felix is humble but he doesn't pass by his accomplishments - although he doesn't pass by his blunders and mistakes either. He's pretty tolerant when it comes to other people but he tends to be more hard on himself than he is on others. The only person who can make him feel horribly useless and worthless is himself. He treats others fairly.

Felix is rather short tempered, though he hides it well, and is pretty rebellious. Although he doesn't seem like the kind of person to be like this, he is pessimistic, too confident for his own good some times, and suspicious of others. Felix is also chivalrous, so he finds it hard to hurt women. He allows imperfections and he can be a little immature. He can also be kind of inconsiderate. Felix rejects change and usually can't cope with them. He's also a little lazy at times, undisciplined, and disorganized.

He is very loyal to friends, confident, and also very stubborn. He will not budge from what he believes in and although it's quite admirable it's also a little infuriating. He is capable of becoming the most cruel, cold, mean, and quiet person you'll ever encounter if you manage to really tick him off and he will act this way with everyone and soon everyone will be really ticked off at you. He's rather impatient though and he is very unwilling to believe the worst about people.

Even though he is a brawny seemingly unbreakable guy, he has a soft spot for proper ladies and plants. Once you get to know him, you know that he's a softie at heart though you'd have to be pretty special to be able to see that little fluffy and teddy-bear like part of him.

fatal flaw
Personal loyalty


A celestial bronze two-handed great sword with vines and leaves carved into the bottom of the blade, it has a name but he never says it.

Felix has the ability to control plants and to grow them at his will. He is also a great cook and he has quite a bit of skill in the kitchen. Having played quite a bit of football, he's a fast runner as well. With his background in the country and growing up close to wilderness and the like, Felix is skilled at numerous outdoorsy things.

At times, Felix talks with a slight southern twang.


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felix haywood
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