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 Ace Ashfield

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PostSubject: Ace Ashfield   Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:08 am

Name Ace Ashfield. D.O.B. May fifth. Age Eighteen. Gender Male. Orientation Heterosexual.
Camper Information Five years, Year-rounder. Godly Parent Hades. Claim Status Claimed.

Mortal Family Lina Ashfield (mother), Jack Ashfield (step-father), Morgan Jamison (aunt), Savannah Ashfield (step-sister), Lydia Jamison (cousin), Violet Jamison (cousin).

The Ashfield and Jamison kids were always far from angels. They would get in trouble often and wreaked havoc wherever they went. They didn't make things easy for their parents in the least. Despite this, the family was very close-knit and though fight they did, they all loved each other unconditionally. Ace and Savannah probably fought the least of all of them, being unexpectedly tolerant of each others' more annoying quirks and therefore becoming the best of friends.

Ace barely remembers the time before Jack and Savannah were permanent fissures in their lives. Lina and Jack were married when he was 10 but the memories he made after that age always seemed to outshine the ones made before it. Savannah always seemed to need protecting, and Ace enjoyed being an actual older brother for once - even though he had always had his cousins to look after.

Once he turned sixteen and was claimed, Ace began to stay at camp all year-round due to his status as a child of a Big Three god. Despite the fact that years had gone by before while he was with them without incident, he wanted to keep his family safe from any monsters that may attack because he had realized who he really was. Although he would have everyone else believe that he prefers to be alone at all times, he misses them all terribly.

Physical Appearance
Ace stands at the height of 6'1" and has a muscled, toned build - although he was quite the scrawny little runt when he got to camp. He has jet black hair that is kept in an eternally messy state and a short haircut. He has penetrating gunmetal grey eyes that look a little on the stern and cold side though every once in a while, they will smile along with the rest of his face. His eyes are generally a little cloudy and they often look angry even when he's not. He often finds himself wishing his eyes were blue like his mother's.

Ace's skin is lightly tanned and on his arm is a small, intricate black tattoo. His hands and fingers are callused and rough. Oddly enough, Ace has amazing posture for the most part, although he will slump on the odd occasion. He also has prominent and broad cheekbones and a chiseled jawline. He has several scars, a few cuts on his arms and one short, pale slash on his cheekbone, as well as a few on his legs. Ace is generally very low-maintenance when it comes to his appearance - with the exception of his hygiene, of course. This usually means he's often wearing the orange camp shirt, a regular pair of jeans, and a well-worn pair of Chuck Taylors.



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Ace Ashfield
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