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 Alice Blake

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PostSubject: Alice Blake   Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:47 pm

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name // . alice blake

age // . 17

birthday // . 02/24/96

gender // . female

parents // . adicia, mother ; anthony blake, father

threat level // . 3

brief history // . ?

physical appearance// . alice is as lithe and nimble as a dancer and her physique reflects this. she is 5'4" and slim but strong and she can hold her own in a fight. her skin in milky white and dozens of freckles dust her face but they're more easily seen close up. her chestnut hair is long and falls in waves. she has droopy, hazy blue eyes that often appear gray.

personality // . to sum her up in one word, alice is bored. she appears detached from everything and is cold and apathetic. she isn't even warm with friends and doesn't trust or depend on anyone other than herself. she rarely accepts help and prefers to do things herself. she's a workaholic and prefers to deal with things right away instead of procrastinating. she can be rude and usually doesn't care if she is.

fatal flaw // . ?

talents // . ?

weapons // . a celestial bronze scimitar

other // . chances of reasoning with alice are slim.

this character has been pre-approved
information will be added gradually


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Alice Blake
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