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 Camille Delacroix

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PostSubject: Camille Delacroix   Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:48 am

Camille Delacroix 'Cam'

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"'Kay, you can officially shut up now."

Name: Camille Delacroix
Age: 18 - Birthday: July 10th, 1994 - Gender: Female
God Parent: Unknown - Claimed: No
Alliance: Kronos - Rank: Captain - Level: 4

"My dad was okay. He wasn't, like, 'Dad of the Year' or anything but at least he acknowledged my existence. Not that I'm angry about my mom or anything. Except I am angry - very angry."
Jean Delacroix (Father - Deceased) He began a small advertising business two years before Camille was born. Ten years later, the business crashed and burned and Jean turned to alcohol as an escape. When Camille turned twelve, he sent her to Camp Half Blood. He died of a heart attack three years later.

"Joining Kronos was the best decision I ever made. Nobody in the Army looks down on you or pities you or judges you. We have a common goal, we understand each other, we're united. It's kind of beautiful in a way."
Camille doesn't tell anyone much about her past but it's a well known fact that it was difficult. She didn't leave behind much of a legacy at camp, she had been just another unclaimed demigod in the Hermes cabin. She tried to become a Hunter but Artemis rejected her Pledge. Not long after, she left camp. Someone from Kronos' Army found her a week later and extended an invitation to her which she didn't hesitate to accept.

"Yes, I think I'm a good looking person. No, I don't believe in modesty.
Confidence is sexy."
Camille is pretty enough to turn one or two heads when she walks by. She looks like a girl who you might see at school, a girl who wears the right clothes and says the right things and has a lot of friends. She has brown hair that is straight sometimes and wavy others and hooded brown eyes that usually have dark circles under them. She's on the skinny side but what meat she does have to her is muscle mass, not fat.

"I can't tell you my secrets. A girl has to have some mystery to her. It's so important to have things about you that surprise even the people who know you."
Camille has a reputation for taking on tasks that thought to be impossible, completing them, and getting out alive. She's a flirt and surprisingly friendly for someone who is supposedly a bad guy. She often jokes around so people don't take her seriously - that's usually the last mistake they make. She values respect and honor. When she sets her mind to something, she does whatever she can to accomplish it and if she can't get it done, she'll die trying. She is extremely loyal to Kronos and wants revenge on the Olympians.

Fatal Flaw: ?
Strengths: Speed, Unpredictability, ?
Weaknesses: ?
Weapons: Celestial bronze twin swords, ?

Chances of reasoning with Camille are slim.


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Camille Delacroix
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