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 Clarisse La Rue

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PostSubject: Clarisse La Rue   Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:47 am

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    l clarisse la rue
OLYMPIAN PARENT Ares, the god of war and bloodlust

DESCRIPTION Clarisse is tall, standing at around 5'9" tall with a muscled, athletic build. Her dirty blonde/brown hair ends around her shoulders and is usually kept loose but tied back with a red or army green bandanna. Her eyes are squinty and a dark brown that looks nearly black, giving her a beady-eyed look. Her skin is tan, scarred, and often bruised and/or bandaged. Clarisse cares little for her appearance and that is clearly displayed in the uncombed state of her hair and her tendency to wear camp t-shirts and shorts/jeans rather than anything nicer. She's not "pretty" in the conventional way but she doesn't seem to mind it.


Most will describe Clarisse as a bully and she isn't likely to deny it. Clarisse is a hot-head and she's a proud one. She doesn't forgive others for making her look stupid - not easily or without having gotten revenge. She yearns for her father's approval and is likely take on difficult tasks in order to impress him. She is brave but cocky. Loyal to friends and family, she doesn't take insults or disrespect lightly. She's also sensitive to what others think of her and is easily offended herself. She likes to pick fights but she also likes to sing in the shower. Clarisse is a leader but she's also a soldier, she knows when she should be following orders rather than acting on her own and is able to work with relatively others well when it comes down to it.

Clarisse is tough and has a lot of grit. When she's in pain, she pushes through it. She doesn't dwell on sadness, she gets over things quickly and disdains drama. That isn't to say that she doesn't have fears or weaknesses that are difficult for her to overcome - Clarisse gets scared and feels incompetent and useless at times like any other person. The thing about Clarisse is that she trains and works hard to refine her skills and deals with her fears in due time (sometimes with the help of some friends). When Clarisse doesn't like something that she is capable of changing, she changes it. She isn't one to sit back and twiddle her thumbs and wait for other people to get things done. If anything, she's the very opposite of lazy. She gets things done efficiently and doesn't procrastinate. She's also surprisingly smart when it comes to fighting and battle strategy.

Although you probably wouldn't believe it unless you saw it, Clarisse does have a kind and compassionate side. She cares a great deal for friends although it shouldn't be assumed that she's any less tough with them than she is with others. It's often difficult for Clarisse to express affection or any of the more sensitive emotions - but her friends usually realize that and don't mind it. She isn't as romantic as other people. While most other girls probably grew up having a lot of other friends who were girls and doing girl things together, Clarisse grew up in the Ares cabin. While other girls were having sleepovers, she wrestled with her half-siblings and learned how to polish weapons and armour.

Being as stubborn as a mule and as proud as a peacock, once Clarisse makes up her mind there is little to nothing that will change it.

With a sneer on her face, Clarisse's fist shot out and hit the Hermes boy in the face, snapping his head back. He recovered quickly from the hit and swiped his hand across his nose, smearing blood above his lip. Angrily, he swung savagely at Clarisse but she avoided the hits with ease. He had no technique to begin with, and being angry didn't help. She laughed as she dodged, which only made him more frustrated. She kept up the dodging game for a while, but finally decided enough was enough when he tried to take hold of her hair.

Expertly, Clarisse punched him in the jaw and then promptly swept his legs out from under him. While he was still dazed from the fall, she knelt down beside him and yanked him up by grabbing a fistful of his t-shirt. "Never. Insult. Ares." She enunciated clearly, each word accented by a sharp jab just below his collarbone. "Next time, I'm not gonna be so generous. I'll thrash you so bad, you'll look like a different person when I'm through." She let go of his shirt and he scrambled to his feet, brushing off his clothes. He gave her a withering look and then spat at her shoes, she was about to go after him again but he was smart enough to quickly scurry off. "Yeah, you'd better run." She muttered to herself.

A small crowd had gathered to watch the fight. Now that the Hermes boy had escaped with his tail between his legs, Clarisse turned her attention to them and scowled. "Fight's over. Scram." She growled through her teeth. They didn't need a second reminder - the crowd quickly dispersed, everyone going their separate ways. She heard some of them murmuring about how she always chose to fight instead of talking. Clarisse snorted at that and turned to walk back to her cabin.
Hell yeah, she liked to solve problems with her fists. The diplomatic approach took too long and she was too impatient for things that took too long when she had other options - options that wasted less time. Diplomacy was really just for the weaklings who couldn't or wouldn't dole out justice with their own two hands. Clarisse was not a weakling.

But contrary to popular belief, Clarisse didn't always pick fights for the sake of picking fights. Some people were just asking to be taught a lesson. In this instance, the punk that she knew was from the Hermes cabin who had been standing outside of the Ares cabin, shouting out insults and derogatory terms. He had been asking for it, he had, and Clarisse happily taught him a lesson about how wise it was to insult her siblings. She would never hesitate to defend her family, that just wasn't how it worked. You were connected by blood. When someone insulted the people who you had that connection with, you had to make sure that they didn't insult them again in the future. That was just how it was.

Proudly marching through the doorway of the Ares Cabin, Clarisse paused and stayed silent for a moment (dramatic flair) before giving her siblings a smug look. "Got him." She said with a grin. They all cheered and she got clapped on the back, filling her with a sense of satisfaction. To her surprise, even one of her quieter siblings spoke up, although it was only to say, "Clarisse, your mouth bleeding." Dabbing at her mouth with her fingertips, she was surprised when they came back red. Letting out a laugh, she shook her head, almost proud of the skinny little Hermes kid. What d'you know, he'd scored a hit on her. Clarisse had to admit - that was pretty impressive. Even though he wasn't that wise, maybe there was some hope for him otherwise.

prompt "NIGHTMARE"
The basement of the big house was dark, the streams of moonlight entering through the cellar door didn't reach the far corner that Clarisse was sitting in. Beside her laid a sleeping Hispanic boy, curled up like a small child despite his large build, his face serene and calm. When Chris was asleep like that, it was easy to imagine that he had never left camp to join Kronos. He had been nice to everyone when he had been at camp before - nice to even her, much to her surprise. They hadn't been friends, though. Clarisse didn't have that many friends and he had so many, that was just something that clashed.

It was nice to see Chris asleep. It was painful to see him during the day, but she kept visiting then anyway, every day if she could. Sneaking down to the basement after dinner was a little better. He slept a lot nowadays, he was usually asleep by 8 - which was when dinner was usually done by. Sometimes she just checked on him quickly before heading back to the cabin, stayed with him 20-30 minutes to make sure everything was okay. Other times she sat with him for hours at a time, on nights that were worse than the rest. Even in sleep, he wasn't always at peace. He got nightmares, talked in his sleep, woke up fitfully. Clarisse had to calm him down when it happened.

While she had been lost in her thoughts, she hadn't noticed that Chris was clearly not okay. It came suddenly, he made a quiet whimpering sound and her eyes snapped over to him. His face had crumpled with pain. "Mary..." He whispered, eyes clamped shut. "I'm sorry, Mary." He said, voice rising. Clarisse shushed him and rubbed his arm soothingly. "It's okay," She said, shushing him. "It's just a dream." She murmured, even though she wasn't sure if he could hear her. Sure enough, he couldn't. His eyes shot open and he sat up, gasping for air. "I didn't mean to." He sobbed. Clarisse gave him a sad look and began to say something when his eyes seemed to lock onto her despite the darkness. "Mary? Is that you, Mary?" She shook her head and bit her lip. "No, I'm sorry. Try to go to sleep." She helped ease him back so he was lying back down again and after a few minutes and whispered apologies, he was curled up and sleeping again. Clarisse reached to smooth back his hair but hesitated, ultimately keeping her hand by her side.

She hated Kronos. Luke. She hated both of them, so much that sometimes when she thought about them, she clenched her fists so hard they drew blood. They had sent Chris into the Labyrinth by himself and left him to rot there. Clarisse was amazed that he had managed to find his way out. Insane but alive was infinitely better than forgotten and left underground. After she found him, she had wanted to be mad at him for betraying camp, but she couldn't find it within her to hate him. Not when he was in so much pain. Sadness had always been an unfamiliar feeling to her - she had always gotten angry, but it was easier to be sad than mad recently. Ever since she had spotted the boy in full Greek armour, walking across the Arizona desert by himself.

She figured he had been punished enough, anyway. Clarisse had been in the Labyrinth, and she shuddered now at the memory. She was never going near the place - never again. It had shaken her, and she had still undoubtedly only experienced half of the horrors that Chris had experienced. Who knew how long he had to wander around for? The Labyrinth could be generous or it could be completely relentless, depending on how lucky you were. She guessed that Chris had pretty rotten luck. Clarisse herself had never been a particularly lucky person - she got where she did through hard work - but she had been lucky enough to find an exit within a few weeks. She figured Chris had been stuck in the maze for at least a few months. Nobody deserved that.

She just hoped Mr. D would come back to Camp soon. She wasn't sure how much longer she could cope with seeing Chris like this. It was a ridiculous thought, but she felt like she was suffering just as much as he was. It was surprising how much she had grown to care about Chris in the past few weeks, the process of growing attached to someone was a long one - an especially long one for Clarisse. But she cared about him a lot, and it was always tough to see the people you cared about in pain.


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